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Trino borders the following municipalities: [[Bianzè]], [[Camino (AL)|Camino]], [[Costanzana]], [[Fontanetto Po]], [[Livorno Ferraris]], [[Morano sul Po]], [[Palazzolo Vercellese]], [[Ronsecco]], and [[Tricerro]].
Trino was the site of [[Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant (Italy)|Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant]]. The [[Romanesque architecture|Romanesque]] church of San Michele in Insula (built in the 10th-11th centuries) has 12th century frescoes. The [[Lucedio Abbey]] is also located in the municipal territory.
==Twin towns==
*{{flagicon|FRA}} [[Chauvigny]], France, since 1961
*{{flagicon|DEU}} [[Geisenheim]], Germany, since 1974
*{{flagicon|Burkina Faso}} Banfora]], [[Burkina Faso]], since 1999