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The '''Mariners' Museum''' is located in [[Newport News, Virginia]]. It is one of the largest [[maritime museum]]s in North America.
The Mariners’ makes a difference in peoples’ lives, inviting them to discover their relationship to the sea by exploring maritime culture, science and history. The Mariners’ Museum is committed to using its art and artifacts to educate local, national and international audiences of all ages about the vital role of the sea in mankind’s development. The Museum aspires to be the leader in promoting an appreciation of the maritime world - past, present and future.
The Mariners’ Museum Park and Lake Maury offer the residents of and visitors to the area the opportunity to experience the beauty and peace of an oasis in the city, to enjoy healthy exercise on the Noland Trail and to enhance their appreciation of the natural habitat of the park.<ref>The Mariners' Museum "Governance and Administration"</ref>
== History ==
The Mariners' Museum was founded in 1930 by [[Archer M. Huntington|Archer Milton Huntington]], son of railroad magnate [[Collis P. Huntington]], and his wife, [[Anna Hyatt Huntington]]. Huntington's goal was to create a place that was "devoted to the culture of the sea and its tributaries, its conquest by man, and its influence on civilization".<ref>Ferguson, The Mariners' Museum</ref> To create the museum, Huntington and his wife acquired {{convert|800|acre}} of land that would come to hold {{convert|90000|sqft}} of exhibition galleries, a research library and archive, a {{convert|167|acre|sing=on}} lake, a shoreline trail with fourteen bridges, and about 32,000 maritime artifacts from around the globe. After the land acquisition took place, the first two years were devoted to creating and improving a natural park and constructing a dam to create [[Lake Maury]], named after the nineteenth-century Virginia [[oceanographer]], Commodore [[Matthew Fontaine Maury]]<ref>Mariners' Museum "About Us"</ref>
== Artifacts, paintings, models ==
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*[ The Mariners' Museum "About Us" webpage]
*[ The Mariners' Museum "Governance & Administration" webpage]
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