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Other Zephyr members of note include trance blues maven, [[Otis Taylor (musician)|Otis Taylor]], who played bass during the mid-1970s, guitarist Zack Smith (founder of Columbia Records band Scandal, and blues guitarist, [[Eddie Turner]], who played guitar in the last incarnation during the early 1980s. Candie and David, Tommy, and John Faris were all founding members of [[The Legendary 4Nikators]], Boulder's oldest and best loved party band. Taylor and Turner were later additions to The Legendary 4Nikators - Taylor noted for playing motorcycle on stage during "Leader Of The Pack" and performing in a kilt and Turner for his renditions of [[Jimi Hendrix]] classics.
40 years after, Zephyr's music is still in print and continues to be played in the various media. YouTube has brought new eyes and ears to the band.