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*{{Citation | last1=Zygmund | first1=A. | title=Trigonometric series. Vol. I, II | origyear=1935 | url= | publisher=[[Cambridge University Press]] | edition=3rd | series=Cambridge Mathematical Library | isbn=978-0-521-89053-3 | mr=1963498 | year=2002}}<ref>{{cite journal|author=Salem, Raphael|authorlink=Raphaël Salem|title=Review: ''Trigonometric Series'' by A. Zygmund, 2nd. ed., vols. I and II|journal=Bull. Amer. Math. Soc.|year=1960|volume=66|issue=1|pages=6–12|url=}}</ref><ref>The 2nd edition (Cambridge U. Press, 1959) consists of 2 separate volumes. The 3rd edition (Cambridge U. Press, 2002) consists of the two volumes combined with a foreword by Robert A. Fefferman.</ref><ref>{{cite journal|author=Tamarkin, J. D.|authorlink=Jacob Tamarkin|title=Review: ''Trigonometric Series'' by A. Zygmund, 1st edn.|journal=Bull. Amer. Math. Soc.|year=1936|volume=42|issue=1|pages=11–13|url=}} The first edition (vol. V of the series ''Monografje Matematyczne'', 1935) consists of iv+320 pp. The third edition consists of foreword: xii; vol. I: xiv+383 pp.; vol. II: viii+364 pp.</ref>
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* {{DSB |first=Jeremy |last=Gray |title=Zygmund, Antoni |volume=25 |pages=414-416 }}
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