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|commander1 = [[File:Arms of the Duke of Burgundy since 1430.svg|20px|left|alt=|link=]] [[Charles the Bold|Charles the Bold,<br><small>Duke of Burgundy</small>]]<br style="clear: left;">[[File:Arms of the Palatinate (Bavaria-Palatinate).svg|20px|left|alt=|link=]] [[Frederick I, Elector Palatine|Frederick I,<br><small>Elector Palatine</small>]]<br style="clear: left;">[[File:Wappen Juelich-Berg-Ravensberg.svg|20px|left|alt=|link=]] [[Gerhard VII, Duke of Jülich-Berg|Gerhard VII,<br><small>Duke of Jülich-Berg</small>]]
|commander2 = [[File:Wappen Koeln.svg|20px|left|alt=|link=]] [[Hermann IV of Hesse|Herman of Hesse,<br><small>Admin.Administrator of Cologne</small>]]<br style="clear: left;">[[File:Emperor Frederick III Arms.svg|20px|left|alt=|link=]] [[Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor|Frederick III,<br><small>Holy Roman Emperor</small>]]
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|notes = a: Cologne had been ''de facto''effectively independent of the [[Electorate of Cologne|Archbishopric-Electorate]] since the [[Battle of Worringen]] in 1288, but did not become ''de jure'' independent until granted [[Imperial immediacy]] in the aftermath of this siege.
|campaignbox = {{Campaignbox Burgundian Wars}}
The '''Siege of Neuss''', from 1474–75,<ref>[ Die Belagerung Ahrweilers 1474 — Episode aus der Kölner Stiftsfehde]</ref> was part of the [[Burgundian Wars]]. The siege, led by [[Charles the Bold]] against the [[HolyImperial Roman EmpireCity]] city of [[Neuss]], was unsuccessful. Charles was compelled by the approach of a powerful [[Imperial Army of the Holy Roman Empire|Imperial army]] to raise the siege.
== Prelude ==