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== History ==
Kootenay Lake is part of the traditional territory of the [[Sinixt]] and [[Ktunaxa]] peoples.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.vancouverisland.com/regions/towns/?townid=4108 |title=Vancouver Island, Kootenay Lake, Kootenays, BC, Retrieved February 15, 2011 |publisher=Vancouverisland.com |date= |accessdate=2013-05-02}}</ref> These native populations used the lake and associated river systems as part of their seasonal migration and trading routes.<ref name=lake>[[http://www.ilec.or.jp/database/nam/nam-25.html, International Lake Environment Committee, Promoting Sustainable Management of the World's Lakes and Reservoirs, KOOTENAY LAKE, Retrieved February 15, 2011.]]</ref>
In 1958 the [[Kootenay Lake Crossing]], an [[Electric power transmission|electrical power line]], was built, running across the north arm of Kootenay Lake. It was destroyed in 1962 by protestors and rebuilt later that year.<ref>[http://www.fortisbc.com/about_fortisbc/company/history.html Fortis BC, Retrieved February 15, 2011.]{{dead link|date=May 2013}}</ref>
==Human use and impact==
=== Settlements ===
[[Image:Ainsworth.gif|thumb|North arm of Kootenay Lake as seen from the village of Ainsworth around 1890.]]
==External links==
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* {{Official website|http://kootenay-lake.ca/ }}
* [http://www.britishcolumbia.com/regions/towns/?townID=4108 More on Kootenay Lake]