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'''Geoffrey of [[Villehardouin]]''' (in [[French language|French]]: '''Geoffroi de Villehardouin''') (1160 &ndash; c. 1212) was a [[knight]] and [[historian]] who participated in and chronicled the [[Fourth Crusade]]. He is considered one of the most important historians of the time period,<ref>Smalley, p. 131</ref> best known for writing the eyewitness account ''[[Villehardouin's De la Conquête de Constantinople|De la Conquête de Constantinople]]'' (''On the Conquest of Constantinople''), about the battle for Constantinople between the Christians of the West and the Christians of the East on 13 April 1204. The ''Conquest'' is the earliest French historical prose narrative that has survived to modern times. Ηis full title was: "Geoffrey of Villehardouin, Marshal of Champagne and of Romenie".
[[Image:Lombards Library 022.jpg|right|170px|thumb|1585 edition with original text and translation in 16th c.-century French]]
A [[layman]] and a [[soldier]],<ref name=smalley-141>Smalley, p. 141</ref> he was appointed Marshal of Champagne from 1185 and joined the Crusade in 1199 during a tournament held by Count [[Thibaud III of Champagne]]. Thibaud named him one of the [[ambassador]]s to [[Venice]] to procure ships for the voyage, and he helped to elect [[Boniface of Montferrat]] as the new leader of the Crusade when Thibaud died.