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A '''plug-compatible''' machine is one that has been designed to be [[backwards compatible]] with a prior machine. In particular, a new [[computer system]] that is plug-compatible has not only the same connectors and protocol interfaces to peripherals, but also [[binary code compatibility]] -- it runs the same [[CPU]] software as the old system. A '''plug compatible manufacturer''' or '''PCM''' is a company that makes such products.
The term may also be used to define replacement criteria for other components available from multiple sources. For example, a plug-compatible cooling fan may need to have not only the same physical size and shape, but also similar capability, run from the same voltage, use similar power, attach with a standard electrical connector, and have similar mounting arrangements. Some non-conforming units may be re-packaged or modified to meet plug-compatible requirements, as where an adapter plate is provided for mounting, or a different tool and instructions are supplied for installation, and these modifications would be reflected in the [[bill of materials]] for such components. Similar issues arise for computer system interfaces when competitors wish to offer an easy upgrade path.
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