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== Life and Work ==
Between 1700 and 1703 he had a position as assistant to [[Georg Christoph Eimmart]] at his observatory in [[Nürnberg]]. In April 1704 Wagner began his studies at the [[University of Jena]]. From 1706 to 1709 he was at the private observatory of Baron [[de:Bernhard Friedrich von Krosigk (1656–1714)|Bernhard Friedrich von Krosigk]] in [[Berlin]]; in the following years followed various posts in [[Russia]] and [[Silesia]]. From 1711 till either 1712 or 1713 he was a professor at a [[Knight_academy|Ritterakademie]].
In 1716 Wagner became Observator and Member of the [[Prussian Academy of Sciences|Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften]]. From 1720 he was Professor for Mathematics at the Gymnasium in [[Hildburghausen]], until it was closed in 1727. On 16th. December 1722 his son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner was born in Hildburghausen.<ref>Akademie der Künste: [ Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner jun.]</ref> In 1730 Wagner became Professor of Architecture at the [[Preußische Akademie der Künste|Akademie der Künste]] in Berlin, and in 1735 Librarian of the Academy of Sciences. In 1740 after the death of [[Christfried Kirch]] he was named as his successor as Director of [[Berlin Observatory]] - a post which he held for the rest of his life. The [[almanac]] calculation at the Observatoryam Observatorium took so much of his time that his son undertook some of his work in teaching at the Akademie der Künste.<ref>Akademie der Künste: [ Johann Wilhelm Wagner sen.]</ref> Wagner died unmarried in December 1745 from a heart attack.