Library of Michigan: Difference between revisions

Public Act 540 of 1982 created the Library of Michigan and transferred control of the library from the Department of Education to the Legislative Council. Three years later, the Library of Michigan Foundation, which secures funds to support the library’s priority programs and projects, is established. In 1988, the Michigan Library and Historical Center opened, tripling the Library of Michigan’s space and merging its full collection of books in one place for the first time since the 1951 fire.
In 2001, the library was moved to the new Department of History, Arts and Libraries. After that department's abolition in 2009, the library was moved back to the Department of Education.<ref>[Library of Michigan: 175 Years of Service,2351,7-160-19270_28958-58705--,00.html Library of Michigan: 175 Years of Service]</ref><ref>[ Michigan Executive Order 2009-36: Abolishing the Department of History, Arts and Libraries]</ref>