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The space covered by the four bedposts of the Buddha's Gandhakuti in Jetavana is one of the four avijahitatthānāni; all Buddhas possess the same, though the size of the actual vihāra differs in the case of the various Buddhas. For [[Vipassī Buddha]], the setthi Punabbasumitta built a monastery extending for a whole league, while for [[Sikhī Buddha]], the setthi Sirivaddha made one covering three gavutas. The Sanghārāma built by Sotthiya for [[Vessabhū Buddha]] was half a league in extent, while that erected by Accuta for [[Kakusandha Buddha]] covered only one gāvuta. The monastery of the [[Koṇāgamana Buddha]], built by the setthi Ugga, extended for half a gāvuta, while that of the [[Kassapa Buddha]] built by Sumangala covered sixteen karīsas. Anāthapindika's monastery covered a space of eighteen karīsas (BuA.2, 47; J.i.94; DA.ii.424).
According to a description given by Fa Hien[[Faxian]] (Giles, pp. 31, 33), the vihāra was originally in seven sections (storeys?) and was filled with all kinds of offerings, embroidered banners, canopies, etc., and the lamps burnt from dusk to dawn.
One day a rat, holding in its mouth a lamp wick, set fire to the banners and canopies, and all the seven sections were entirely destroyed. The vihāra was later rebuilt in two sections. There were two main entrances, one on the east, one on the west, and Fa HsienFaxian found thūpas erected at all the places connected with the Buddha, each with its name inscribed.
===Near Jetavana===
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