M. A. Farber: Difference between revisions

=="Dr. X" case==
===Initial investigation===
Farber's initial involvement in what would become known as the Dr. X case began in June 1975 when the paper received a letter from a woman claiming that as many as 40 patients had been murdered at a hospital by its chief surgeon. The letter handed to him offered no information as to where the alleged murders had occurred or who the murdermurderer was,- if there was anything at all to the letter.<ref name=Smithsonian>Farber, Myron. [http://www.smithsonianmag.com/people-places/On_Not_Naming_Names.html "On Not Naming Names "], ''[[Smithsonian (magazine)|Smithsonian]]'', September 2005. Accessed October 19, 2009.</ref>
Farber pursued the case by speaking with someone in the forensic toxicology field who was able to recall a case at [[Riverdell Hospital]], a private medical facility that had since closed. Further investigation led to the identification of Dr. Mario Jascalevich as the hospital's chief surgeon. While Jascalevich's surgical patients routinely survived, those of a new surgeon were dying at a significantly high rate. This new surgeon, together with directors of the hospital, opened Jascalevich's locker on October 31, 1966 and found 18 near empty vials of [[curare]], a powerful muscle relaxant that could cause death if not administered in conjunction with artificial respiration.<ref name=Smithsonian/>
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