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Until January 1, 2007, all ISBNs were allocated as 9-digit numbers followed by a [[modular arithmetic|modulo]] 11 [[checksum]] character that was either a decimal digit or the letter X. A Bookland EAN was generated by concatenating the Bookland UCC 978, the 9 digits of the book's ISBN other than its checksum, and the EAN checksum digit.<ref>[ Anatomy of a 13-digit ISBN]</ref><ref>{{citation |url= |title=Elementary number theory with applications |author=Thomas Koshy}}</ref>
Since parts of the 10-character ISBN space are nearly full, all books published from 2007 on have been allocated a 13-digit [[ISBN]], which is identical to the Bookland EAN. The UCC 979 has now been assigned for the expansion of Bookland,<ref>{{citation |url= |title=Book Marketing Demystified |author=Bruce Trelawny Batchelor}}</ref> and was first used by publishers in the French language, which can use now the additional prefix "979-10-" in addition to the nearly full "978-2-" prefix (onto which legacy ISBN- 10 numbers starting by "2-" have been remapped). Books numbered with prefixes other than 978 will not be mappable to 10-character ISBNs.
The UCC codes 978 and 979 are now officially registered for allocation by the [[International ISBN Agency]], which maintains the official international registry of ISBN numbers allocated to books publishers.