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[[File:National Law Review 1888CROPPED.jpg|thumb|Alt=Image of the National Law Review Vol. I No. 1 January 1888|The National Law Review Vol. I No. 1 January 1888|120px|left]]
''The National Law Review'' on-line edition was developed in Chicago, Illinois by attorney Jennifer Schaller and other legal and internet professionals in order to provide an easily accessible and reliable database of articles analyzing legal news and trends. ''The National Law Review'' print edition was founded in 1888 in Philadelphia by legal publishers Kay & Brother.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=The National Law Review||accessdate=2011-08-14}}</ref>
The print edition of the ''National Law Review'' was a monthly scholarly [[law review]] which included sections such as Current Legal News, a [[Book Review]] section, a Digest of Important Decisions which summarized recent judicial decisions in various states, and a section devoted to Current Legal Thought organized by legal topic.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=The National Law Review||accessdate=2011-08-14}}</ref> Historically, articles in law reviews were often considered a persuasive authority in American courts, though this influence is generally thought to be waning in recent years.<ref>[[Adam Liptak]]. [ When Rendering Decisions, Judges Are Finding Law Reviews Irrelevant]. [[The New York Times]]. 19 March 2007.</ref> The on-line edition of the ''National Law Review'' has been described as more straightforward, practical and informative than a traditional [[law review]], containing information of potential interest to both legal and business professionals<ref>{{cite news | url=|accessdate=2011-04-29 | author=The University of Iowa News Services}}</ref>
and it often serves as a reference source to other [[legal periodicals]]<ref>{{cite news|work=American Bar Association Health Law Section|first=Jen |last=Johnson|title=Co-Management Agreements, Compensation & Compliance|url=|accessdate=2011-08-16}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|work=Trusts & Estates|title=Estate Planning After 2010:Resources, opinions and suggestions available on the Internet| url=|accessdate=2011-08-14}}</ref> and to main streammainstream media.<ref>{{cite news |work=[[Thompson Reuters]] News & Insight|title=NLRB judge: Employees can bitch about their jobs on Facebook|url=|publisher=Thompson Reuters News & Insight |accessdate=2011-09-16 }}</ref>
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