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(adding some tell tale signs)
Don't just collect hats, ''wear'' them after you get them!
== Tell-tale signs that admins look for ==
* Minimal competence with language: admins being asked to grant user rights are being asked to express trust that the user is able to operate within policy. Not being able to competently use English suggests they may not have read the relevant policy.
* Requests that show no obvious clue as to what the user right in question is for.
* Requests that cite as evidence hypothetical benefits.
* Users who have requested absurdly advanced rights (steward, global rollback, Wikimedia Foundation-approved Researcher, CheckUser/Oversight etc.) as if getting user rights is a "start high, negotiate down" procedure.
* Repeated requests with no actual change in behaviour.
* Spending time after having the rights declined complaining about how other users have such rights but they don't.
* Inflated claims about how they have rights on other language versions of Wikipedia and a feeling that this entitles them to rights on English Wikipedia, even if there are more complex policies at English Wikipedia.
== Cross-wiki ==