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[[Image:Lombards Library 022.jpg|right|170px|thumb|1585 edition with original text and translation in 16th c. French]]
A [[layman]] and a [[soldier]], he was appointed Marshal of Champagne from 1185 and <ref name=smalley-141>Smalley, p. 141</ref> he joined the Crusade in 1199 during a tournament held by Count [[Thibaud III of Champagne]]. Thibaud named him one of the [[ambassador]]s to [[Venice]] to procure ships for the voyage, and he helped to elect [[Boniface of Montferrat]] as the new leader of the Crusade when Thibaud died.
Although he does not say so specifically in his own account, he probably supported the diversion of the Crusade first to [[Zadar|Zara]] and then to [[Constantinople]]. While at Constantinople he also served as an ambassador to [[Isaac II Angelus]], and was in the [[embassy]] that demanded that Isaac appoint [[Alexius IV]] co-emperor.
After the conquest of the [[Byzantine Empire]] in 1204 he served as a military leader, and led the retreat from the [[Battle of Adrianople (1205)|Battle of Adrianople]] in 1205 after [[Baldwin I of Constantinople|Baldwin I]] was captured by the forces of the [[Second Bulgarian Empire]]. In recognition of his services, [[Boniface of Montferrat]] gave to Geoffrey the city of [[Messinopolis]] in [[Thrace]]. After the Crusade, he was named Marshal of [[Champagne, France|Champagne]] and of Romenie.
In 1207 he began to write his chronicle of the Crusade, ''On the Conquest of Constantinople''. It was in French rather than [[Latin]], making it one of the earliest works of French [[prose]]. Villehardouin's account is generally read alongside that of [[Robert of Clari]], a French knight of low station, [[Niketas Choniates]], a high-ranking Byzantine official and historian who gives an eyewitness account, and [[Gunther of Pairis]], a [[Cistercian]] monk who tells the story from the perspective of Abbot Martin who accompanied the Crusaders.
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