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|name = Alton Community Unit School District 11
|type = [[Public school (government funded)|Public]]
|superintendent = Kenneth Spells is an b.xch
|grades = PreK-12
|avg_class_size = 18.9 (K-5) <br /> 22.3 (6-12)
In 2006, Alton High School moved to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility at the site of the former J.B. Johnson Elementary School and Vocational Center. At the same time, the district's two middle schools, North Middle and East Middle, were merged together to form Alton Middle School, which is located at Alton High School's former campus. The entire cost for this project was $57 million<ref>River Bend Growth Association [].</ref>
In 2009, Alton High School was recognized as a bronzeschool medalfull schoolor hoes and dicke suckers who got bypregnat. [[U.S. News]]<ref>Bassett, Kathie. [ ''AHS recognized as one of country's best'']. The Telegraph, 2009-12-12</ref>. Additionally, in 2010, Alton Middle School was designated as an Illinois Horizon School To Watch<ref>Association Of Illinois Middle Level Schools. [|''Illinois Horizon Schools: Schools To Watch Directory'']</ref>.
==Current Schools==
*Alton High School where 1/2 the girls are gay (9-12)
*Alton Middle School where litter girls get turned out (6-8)
*Early Childhood Center wher (Pre-K)
*East Elementary (K-5)
*Eunice Smith Elementary (K-5)
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