U.S. Route 163: Difference between revisions

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The modern routing of US&nbsp;163 in Utah was initially designated as State Route 47, in 1910. SR&nbsp;47 extended to [[Monticello, Utah|Monticello]] at a junction with then [[U.S. Route 160]].<ref name=resolutions47>{{cite web|url=http://www.dot.utah.gov/main/uconowner.gf?n=200609140949561|title=Highway Resolutions SR 47|publisher=Utah Department of Transportation|accessdate=2008-02-07}}</ref> In Arizona, the road appeared on maps as early as 1935, but it was still an unimproved dirt road at the time.<ref>{{cite map|publisher=Arizona State Highway Department|title=Road Map of Arizona|year=1935|accessdate=2008-05-01|url=http://www.arizonaroads.com/maps/index.html}}</ref> The Arizona portion was added to the state highway system in 1960 when it was designated as State Route 464.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.azhighwaydata.com/resolutions/?resnum=1961-%20-041|title=ADOT Right-of-Way Resolution 1961-041|accessdate=2008-04-30|author=[[Arizona Department of Transportation]]}}</ref>
In 1970, US&nbsp;163 was designated along SR&nbsp;464 in Arizona and SR&nbsp;47 in Utah as part of a re-alignment of U.S. highways in the [[Four Corners]] region.<ref name=adotres163/> With the re-alignment, US&nbsp;160 was re-routed into Arizona instead of Utah. US&nbsp;163 also absorbed the former route of US&nbsp;160 to its former terminus at [[Interstate 70 (Utah)|Interstate 70]] at [[Crescent Junction, Utah|Crescent Junction]]. In 1981, [[AASHTO]] approved a new iteration of [[U.S. Route 191]] that absorbed much of the alignment of US&nbsp;163.<ref name=resolutions163>{{cite web|url=http://www.dot.utah.gov/main/uconowner.gf?n=200609190935441|title=Highway Resolutions SR 163|publisher=Utah Department of Transportation|accessdate=2008-02-07}} {{Dead link|date=April 2012|bot=H3llBot}}</ref> Utah truncated US&nbsp;163 at [[Bluff, Utah|Bluff]]. The truncation was made without approval from AASHTO, as the AASHTO logs placed the northern terminus of US&nbsp;163 at I-70 at Crescent Junction.<ref name=resolutions163/>
[[Image:Monumentvalleyviewfromnorth.jpg|thumb|left|View of Monument Valley in Utah, looking south on US 163]]