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A public beach has been formed between the southeastern part of the Kremlin and the Volkhov river.
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File:Kremlin of Novgorod, 2009.jpg|Kremlin towes and wall, Spring 2009
File:Novgorod Kremlin.jpg|View from across the Volkhov River
File:Nowgorod 2005 Millenium Monument.jpg|[[Millennium of Russia|Monument to the Thousand Years of Russia]]
File:Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Holy Wisdom of God in Novgorod, Russia.jpg|[[Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod|Cathedral of Holy Wisdom]]
File:NatalyaSpasskaya dulchenkoTower kokuiin Velikiy Novgorod Detinets.jpg |KokuiSpasskaya Tower
File:Novkremlin.jpg|A view across the Vokhov at night