U.S. Route 163: Difference between revisions

the word normal is used twice in one sentence.
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'''U.S. Route 163''' (also '''U.S. Highway 163''', '''US 163''') is a {{convert|64|mi|km|0|sing=on}} [[United States Numbered Highways|U.S. Highway]] that runs from [[U.S. Route 160 in Arizona|US 160]] northward to [[U.S. Route 191 in Utah|US 191]] in the [[U.S. state]]s of [[Arizona]] and [[Utah]]. The southernmost {{convert|44|mi|km}} of its length is within the [[Navajo Nation]]. The highway forms part of the [[Trail of the Ancients]], a [[National Scenic Byway]]. The highway cuts through the heart of [[Monument Valley]] and has been featured in numerous movies and commercials.
The highway was designated in 1970, replacing '''Arizona State Route 464''' and '''Utah State Route 47''' as well as a portion of the old alignment of [[U.S. Route 160|US 160]] in Utah. In 1981, [[U.S. Route 191|US 191]] was routed over the northern section of US 163, effectively truncating the northern terminus to [[Bluff, Utah]] from [[Crescent Junction, Utah|Crescent Junction]]. The state of Utah initially had plans for a different routing of US 163 north of Bluff. These plans were rejected, resulting in discrepancies between the signed route and the official designation by the [[American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials]] that were not resolved until 2008. The route number does not follow the normal numbering convention for U.S. highways, as the number 163 would normally be used for a spur of [[U.S. Route 63]]; however, these two highways have never connected.
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