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'''St. Ingbert''' (also ''Sankt Ingbert'') is a town in the [[Saarpfalz]] district in [[Saarland]], [[Germany]] with a population of 37,361 (2009). It is situated approx. 10 km north-east of [[Saarbrücken]] and 10 km south-west of [[Neunkirchen, Saarland|Neunkirchen]].
The town is served by [[St. Ingbert railway station]]. St. Ingbert is situated only 10  km away from the [[Saarbrücken Airport]].
*{{flagicon|FRA}} [[Saint-Herblain]], [[France]], since 1981
*{{flagicon|SEN}} [[N'Diaganiao]], [[Senegal]], since 1986
*{{flagicon|GER}} [[Radebeul]], [[Germany]], since 1987 (then {{flagicon|GDR}} [[German Democratic Republic|GDR]])
*{{flagicon|GER}} [[Rhodt unter Rietburg]] in [[Edenkoben]], [[Germany]], since 1959
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