Thomas Bilson: Difference between revisions

His writings took a nuanced and middle way in ecclesiastical polity, and avoided [[Erastian]] views and [[Divine right of kings|divine right]], while requiring passive obedience to authority depending on the context.<ref>Whitney Richard David Jones, ''The Tree of Commonwealth, 1450-1793'' (2000), p. 99.</ref><ref>Irving Ribner, ''The English History Play in the Age of Shakespeare'' (2004), p. 307.</ref> His efforts to avoid condemning Huguenot and Dutch Protestant resisters have been described as "contortions".<ref>Lisa Ferraro Parmelee, ''Good Newes from Fraunce: French Anti-league Propaganda in Late Elizabethan England'' (1996), p. 112.</ref> His works included:
*''The True Difference Betweene Christian Subjection and Unchristian Rebellion'' (1585)