The office of [[Adjutant-General]] for the [[State of Illinois]], as such, was created by act of the [[Illinois General Assembly|legislature]] on 2 February 1865.
The first appointee was [[Isham N. Haynie]], who served until 1869, when he died in office. TheReviewing legislature ofthe role in 1869, as the volunteer army had been mustered out, and the duties of the Adjutant General correspondingly decreased, the legislature reduced the size of the department and its funds. After the adoption of the 1877 military code of 1877, the Adjutant General again became prominent within the [[Government of Illinois|state government]].<ref>The original version of this text was derived from the 1904 ''Historical Encylopedia of Illinois'', a source now in the [[public domain]]. Copy of the text at []</ref>
==Holders of the post==