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'''''The National Law Review''''' is an American [[law journal]] ({{ISSN|2161-3362)}}, legal [[news websites|news website]] and legal analysis [[news aggregator|content-aggregating]] database.<ref>{{cite news | url=| title=Free Full-Text Online Law Review /Journal Search| accessdate=2011-11-14 | work=[[American Bar Association]] | author=Legal Technology Resource Center}}</ref> The site offers news coverage and analysis of recent court decisions, regulatory changes and legistlative actions and includes original content and content submitted by various professionals in the legal and business communities.<ref>{{cite news | url=| title=Law student wins NLR writing contest| accessdate=2011-11-06 | author=Arizona State University: Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law}}</ref> The on-line version of the [ National Law Review] was first launched in 2008.
''The National Law Review'' on-line edition was founded in Chicago, Illinois by attorney Jennifer Schaller and other legal and internet professionals in May 2007, and formally launched in 2008. ''The National Law Review'' print edition started in 1888 in Philadelphia, PA by legal publishers Kay & Brother.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=The National Law Review||accessdate=2011-08-14}} </ref>