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If the terminal driver is in '''raw''' mode it no longer interprets control characters, and the EOT character is sent unchanged to the program, which is free to interpret it any way it likes. A program may then decide to handle the EOT byte as an indication that it should end the text, this would then be similar to how {{keypress|Ctrl|Z}} is handled by DOS programs.
== Usage in Mainframe Computer System Communications Protocols ==
The EOT character is used in legacy communications protocols by [[Mainframe computer]] manufacturers such as [[IBM]], [[Burroughs Corporation]],
and the [[BUNCH]]. Terminal transmission control protocols such as [[IBM 3270]] Poll/Select, or Burroughs TD830 Contention Mode
protocol use the EOT character to terminate a communications sequence between two cooperating stations (such as a host multiplexer or
Input/Output terminal).
A single Poll (ask the station for data) or Select (send
data to the station) operation will include two round-trip send-reply operations between the polling station and the station being
polled, the final operation being transmission of a single EOT character to the initiating station.
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