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A '''dermal bone''' (membrane bone)- thebony pattern and form of bonesstructures derived from [[intramembranous ossification]], (versusthat endochondral bone formed by endochondral ossification) define essentialform components of the [[vertebrate]] skeleton including the skull, jaws, gills, fins and exoskeleton. In contrast to [[endochondral ossification|endochondral]] bone, dermal bone does not form from cartilage first and then calcify. Dermal bone is formed within the [[dermis]] and it grows by accretion only; that is, the outer portion of the bone is deposited by [[osteocyte]]s.
The function of dermal bone is conserved throughout vertebrates, varying in shape and numbers of bones in the [[skull roof]] and postcranial structures. In [[bony fish]], dermal bone is found throughout the body in the fin rays and scales. Dermal boneSpecial isexamples formedof withindermal thebones Dermis; Grows by accretion only; outer portion ofinclude the bone[[clavicle]], depositing[[patella]], more by use ofand osteocytes''os cordis''.
(e.g. Clavicle, Patella, os cordis)