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The magazine quickly came to be known for its lengthy, information-filled "retrospective" articles devoted to the full production details of such classic films as ''[[The Incredible Shrinking Man]]'' and ''[[Planet of the Apes (1968 film)|Planet of the Apes]]''. Based on the popularity of these articles, ''Cinefantastique'' began producing huge double-issues centering on comprehensive Making-Of looks at such movies as ''[[Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope|Star Wars]]'' (the magazine's first double-issue), ''[[Close Encounters of the Third Kind]]'', ''[[Blade Runner]]'' and ''[[The Thing (1982 film)|The Thing]]''. Many of the articles have since become accepted as the definitive source of production information regarding these and other genre titles.
The magazine was responsible for introducing the work of several writers who have continued to produce important work in the field, including Don Shay, [[Bill Warren]], [[Tim Lucas]], [[Mick Garris]], [[Stephen Rebello]], Steven Rubin, [[Dan Scapperotti]], [[Dale Winogura]], [[Jeffrey Frentzen]], Paul M. Sammon (who authored the [[Blade Runner]] double issue and later turned it into an extensive book called ''Future Noir'') and Alan Jones.
On October 17, 2000, Clarke committed [[suicide]] at the age of 51. Editorship was briefly assumed by long-time contributor [[Dan Persons]], until rights to the continuing publication of ''Cinefantastique'' were acquired by [[Mark A. Altman]]'s [[Mindfire Entertainment]], who formally re-named the magazine '''''CFQ'''''.
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