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| Name = Time Well Wasted
| Type = studio
*[[Stuart Duncan]] - [[fiddle]], [[mandolin]]
*Kevin Grantt - [[bass guitar]], [[tic tac bass]], [[upright bass]], background vocals
*Bernie Herms - piano
*Wes Hightower - background vocals
*Gary Hooker - [[rhythm guitar]], [[12-string guitar|12-string electric guitar]], background vocals
*Michael "Mike Dee" Johnson - Dobro, [[steel guitar]]
*[[Kendal Marcy]] - banjo, background vocals
*Brad Paisley – [[lead vocals]], background vocals, [[lead guitar]], [[acoustic guitar]], [[baritone guitar]], 12-string electric guitar, hi-string guitar, mandolin
*Ben Sesar - [[drum kit|drums]]
*[[Bryan Sutton]] - mandolin
*Bobby Terry - bass guitar
*Justin Williamson - fiddle
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