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He took great interest in [[higher education]], and was chiefly responsible for the system of teaching and examination in use in the high schools of [[Prussia]] after 1882. But it is as a commentator on [[Plato]] and [[Aristotle]] that he is best known outside Germany. His most important works in this connection are:
*''Disputationes Platonicae Duae'' (1837); ''PlatonischiePlatonische Studien'' (3rd ed., 1886)
*''Observationes CrilicaeCriticae in Aristotelis Libros Metaphysicos'' (1842)
*''ObservalionesObservationes Criticae in Aristotelis quae feruntur Magna Moralia et Ethica Eudemia'' (1844)
*''Alexandri Aphrodisiensis Commentarius in Libros Metaphysicos Aristotelis'' (1847)
*''Aristotelis Metaphysica'' (1848-1849)
*''Über die KalegorienKategorien des A.'' (1853)
*''Aristotelische Studien'' (1862-1867)
*''Index AristoklicusAristotelicus'' (1870)
Other works:
*''UberÜber den Ursprung der hosnerischenhomerischen Gedichte'' (5th ed., 188,)
*''Beiträge zur ErklarungErklärung des Thukydides'' (1854), ''des Sophokles'' (1856-1857)
He also wrote largely on classical and educational subjects, mainly for the ''[[Zeitschrift fur die osterreichischen Gymnasien]]''.
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