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It is notable for [[Haghpat Monastery]], a religious complex founded in the 10th century and included in the [[UNESCO]] [[World Heritage List]] along with monasteries in nearby [[Sanahin]]. The monastery is an outstanding and magnificent example of medieval Armenian architecture that has been attracting increasing numbers of tourists.
Haghpat Monastery is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage List (1996).
The village itself receives little benefit from these tourists and remains impoverished, with the majority of its residents keeping livestock and growing vegetables for food. Some residents are able to find work in the city of [[Alaverdi]], about 10 km from Haghpat, while others gather berries (mainly [[blackberry|blackberries]] and [[dogwood|Cornelian cherry dogwood]]) from the nearby forests and sell them. Water is gathered from the numerous mountain [[spring (hydrosphere)|spring]]s, which are abundant in the area.