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In 1857, the Omaha Library Association was formed, folding after three years. In 1872, a tiny library was opened on the second floor of the [[Simpson Carriage]] factory at 14th & Dodge Street. In 1877, the [[Omaha City Council]] appointed a library board, which levied a tax to create Omaha Public Library. They immediately accepted 4,500 books from the disbanded association as a gift.
Real estate tycoon [[Byron Reed]] donated land and his vast collection of coins, books and manuscripts to the library in the early 1890s, and in 1894, Omaha Public Library opened in [[Omaha Public Library (building)|its first permanent home]] at 18th and Harney. A year later, Omaha Public Library became one of the first six public libraries in the nation to create a separate children’s section. A new central library called the [[W. Dale Clark Library]] opened at 14th and FarnumFarnam Streets in 1977 across from the [[Gene Leahy Mall]].
Of the 12 libraries in the system, the [[W. Dale Clark Library]] currently houses the largest collection, including 7,000 genealogy books; 2,000 photos of the 1898 [[Trans-Mississippi International Exposition]]; a [[cuneiform]] collection; thousands of old postcards; and a rich collection of Omaha and Nebraska history resources.<ref name="Omaha Public Library"/>
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