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[[Image:Else Hirsch stolperstein in Bochum.jpg|250px|thumb|Stolperstein for Hirsch on sidewalk in downtown Bochum]]
'''Else Hirsch''' (July 29, 1889 in [[Bützow]], [[Schwerin]] - 1942 or 1943 in the [[Riga ghetto]]) was a [[Jew]]ish teacher in [[Bochum]], [[Germany]] and a member of the [[German Resistance]] against the [[Third Reich]]. She organized transports of Jewish children to the [[Netherlands]] and [[England]], saving them from [[Nazi]] deportation to [[concentration camps]] and death. Hirsch was killed in the [[Riga ghetto]]
== Biography ==
She stayed with the remaining pupils as the only Jewish teacher until the school was closed in September 1941. Emigration for Jews was prohibited after 1941.<ref name="city" /><ref name="Finketal" />
In late January 1942, Hirsch and some of her pupils were deported into the [[Riga ghetto]]. A surviving pupil reports that for a short while, she continued to teach children. She also organized meals for weakened people and the elderly.<ref name="Finketal" /> The last time when the surviving student saw her, she was collecting [[nettle]]s and [[dandelion]] leaves to cook as a vegetable for the seniors.<ref name="city" /> Hirsch was deported to the Riga Ghetto where she was killed killed.<ref name="city" />
== Quote ==