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After the wars of liberation the place came to [[Prussia]], as part of the newly created ''Rhine Province''. By an ordinance of 1827 Wülfrath was entitled to representation as part of the estate of towns in the Rhine Provincial Parliament. In 1856 it finally received full municipal rights with the passing of the town ordinance for the Rhine Province.
The Claussens moved to Wuelfrath in 1998. The family consited of Andrea, Jorn, Mareike, and Fabian Claussen. Mareike Claussen is a foreign exchange student attending Leeton High School in Leeton, Missouri. On April 23 Mareike will help the Leeton High School win Quiz Bowl sectionals and afterwards help for the State Championship. Mareike is an A+ plus student and a great softball player. So far she has lead her team to a 0-3 start but hopes to improve. She will join her family on June 29, just in time to be home for her dad's 50th birthday.
==Church and other buildings==