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===Cosmological constant===
When the Landau–Lifshitz pseudotensor was formulated it was commonly assumed that the [[cosmological constant]],<math>\Lambda \,</math> , was zero. Nowadays [[accelerating universe|we don't make that assumption]], and the expression needs the addition of a <math>\Lambda \,</math> term, giving:
:<math>t_{LL}^{\mu \nu} = - \frac{c^4}{8\pi G}(G^{\mu \nu}+\Lambda g^{\mu \nu}) + \frac{c^4}{16\pi G (-g)}((-g)(g^{\mu \nu}g^{\alpha \beta} - g^{\mu \alpha}g^{\nu \beta}))_{,\alpha \beta}</math>
This is necessary for consistency with the [[Einstein field equations]].