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| library_name = Omaha Public Library
| library_logo = [[File:Omaha public library logo.gif]]
| established = 1872
| num_branches = 12
| collection_size = 1,477,593 <ref name="">[ Omaha Public Library] Nebraska Library Commission Library Database</ref>
| pop_served = 265,806 register users
| budget = $10,693,926
| website =
'''Omaha Public Library''' is a [[public library]] system for the city of [[Omaha, Nebraska]]. Originally founded in 1857, the library struggled for many years before formally forming in 1877. In 1895, the library became one of the first six in the nation to create a children's section. There are currently 12 libraries in the system.<ref name="Omaha Public Library">[ Omaha Public Library.] Retrieved 1/11/08.</ref>
The Omaha Public Library is governed by a nine member [[board of directors]]. These people are appointed by the [[mayor of Omaha]] and confirmed by the Omaha City Council. Terms are for 3 years with the next appointment occurring May 31, 2012 <ref>[http://www. name=""/Scripts/Libraries/BasicLibraryData.asp?libcode=NE0162 Omaha Public Library] Nebraska Library Commission Library Database </ref>. The Board of Directors meet every third Wednesday of the month at different branches throughout the system. Meetings are open to the public and the agenda and minutes are posted on the Omaha Public Library website <ref>[ Board of Directors] Omaha Public Library</ref>.
| '''South Omaha Library'''
| 2808 Q St
| formerly South Branch, shared facility with the [[Metropolitan_Community_College_Metropolitan Community College (Omaha)| Metropolitan Community College]]
| [ Link]