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|image=John Rubens Smith self-portrait ca. 1817.jpg
|caption=Self-portrait, c. 1817
|birthdate=January 23, 1775
|deathdate=August 21, 1849
|deathplace=[[New York City]]
|influenced=[[Emanuel Leutze]]<br>[[Peter F. Rothermel]]
'''John Rubens Smith''' (January 23, 1775 [[London]] - August 21, 1849 [[New York City]]) was a London-born [[painter]], [[printmaker]] and art instructor who worked in the [[United States]].
Smith was born in [[England]] where he first studied art with his father, [[John Raphael Smith]], a [[mezzotint]] engraver. He later studied art at the [[Royal Academy]].
Smith emigrated to [[New York City]] from [[London]] about 1807. He depicted the United States in the decades before photography, and influenced a generation of American artists through his drawing academies and drawing manuals.
* [ The juvenile drawing-book] (1844)
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