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|Art = Stadt
|Name = Wülfrath
|Gemeindeschlüssel = 05 1 58 036
|Gliederung = 8
|Adresse = Am Rathaus 1<br />42489 Wülfrath
|Website = [http://www.wuelfrath.de/ www.wuelfrath.de]
|Bürgermeister = Dr. Claudia-Almut Panke
|Bürgermeistertitel= Bürgermeisterin
|Partei =
The town is situated on the mountain spurs of the '''[[Berg (German region)|Bergische Land]]''', between the [[Rhine]], [[Ruhr (river)|Ruhr]] and [[Wupper]] rivers. It is located in the central part of the [[Berg (German region)|Berg region]], approx. 12 &nbsp;km northeast of [[Düsseldorf]].
The old town centre lies in the small valley of the [[Anger]], a brook which rises nearby and flows through the town. The newer parts of the town are built on the valley slopes.
The boundaries are given in a deed of grant of the [[Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor|Emperor Henry VI]] dated 16 October 1165 as the courses of the Rhein, Ruhr and [[Düssel]] (''Tussella'') rivers. The eastern boundary was the old highway of the "Kölnische Straße" (''strata colonensis''), which ran from the bridge over the Ruhr at [[Werden]] via [[Velbert]] and Wülfrath along the Düssel towards [[Cologne]]. The centre of the mediaeval village was a demesne farm or manor (Mollmershof), which as part of the lordship of [[Hardenberg]] was sold to the [[Counts of Berg]]. Possession of this manor, to which an extensive group of scattered farms belonged, particularly in the hundreds of [[Erbach]] and [[Püttbach]], also gave control of the [[advowson]] of the church, that is, the right to appoint the priest.
As early as 1265 the presence of a smith can be demonstrated from the tax and rent register. The estate of Puttbach in the hundred of the same name was in the possession of the [[Teutonic Knights]] in 1392. It became the administrative centre for the order's scattered properties, where every year the manorial court was held.
After the wars of liberation the place came to [[Prussia]], as part of the newly created ''Rhine Province''. By an ordinance of 1827 Wülfrath was entitled to representation as part of the estate of towns in the Rhine Provincial Parliament. In 1856 it finally received full municipal rights with the passing of the town ordinance for the Rhine Province.
The Claussens moved to Wuelfrath in 1998. The family consited of Andrea, Jorn, Mareike, and Fabian Claussen. Mareike Claussen is a foreign exchange student attending Leeton High School in Leeton, Missouri. On April 23 Mareike will help the Leeton High School win Quiz Bowl sectionals and afterwards help for the State Championship. Mareike is an A+ plus student and a great softball player. So far she has lead her team to a 0-3 start but hopes to improve. She will join her family on June 29th29, just in time to be home for her dad's 50th birthday.
==Church and other buildings==
(External links here are in German):
*Grundschule Ellenbeek, 16 Tiegenhöfer Straße
*Grundschule Lindenschule, 26 Lindenstraße [http://www.die-lindenschule.de]
*Grundschule Parkschule, 14 Parkstraße [http://www.die-parkschule.de/]
*Hauptschule Wolverothe, 5 Schulstraße [http://www.hauptschule-wolverothe.de/]
*Theodor-Heuss-Realschule, 20 Bergstraße [http://www.realschule-wuelfrath.de/]
*Städtisches Gymnasium, 63 Kastanienallee [http://www.gymnasium-wuelfrath.de/]
*Schule für Lernbehinderte, 3 In den Eschen
*Volkshochschule Mettmann-Wülfrath, 189 Wilhelmstraße [http://www.vhs-wuelfrath.de/]
<!--==Associations and Federations==-->
===Twinned cities===
*{{flagiconFlagicon|UK}} {{flagiconFlagicon|England}} [[Ware]], [[England]], [[United Kingdom]] (since 1971)
*{{flagiconFlagicon|France}} [[Bondues]], [[Nord-Pas-De-Calais]], [[France]] (since 2003)
*Since 24 October 2000, the town has [http://www.hmk7.de/pages/patenschaft.htm sponsored] the [http://www.hmk7.de Army Music Corps 7] of the [[Bundeswehr]], based in Düsseldorf
==Sites of interest==
<!--*Ulrich Bauckhage-->
*Jutta de Jong, nd. ''Ein Streifzug um die Jahrhundertwende''. FROHN Verlag. ISBN 3-8926-4836-0
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