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'''Visselhövede''' ({{IPA-de|fɪsəlˈhøːvədə}}) is a town in the district of [[Rotenburg (district)|Rotenburg]] in [[Lower Saxony]], [[Germany]]. Nearby towns include the district capital [[Rotenburg an der Wümme|Rotenburg]], [[Walsrode]] and [[Verden, Germany|Verden]]. Larger cities within a 100 km radius are [[Bremen (city)|Bremen]], [[Hanover]] and [[Hamburg]].
Visselhövede belonged to the [[Bishopric of Verden|Prince-Bishopric of Verden]], established in 1180. In 1648 the Prince-Bishopric was transformed into the [[Principality of Verden]], which was first ruled in [[personal union]] by the Swedish Crown - interrupted by a Danish occupation (1712–1715) - and from 1715 on by the [[House of Hanover|Hanoverian]] Crown. The [[Kingdom of Hanover]] incorporated the Principality in a [[real union]] and the Princely territory, including Visselhövede, became part of the new [[Stade (region)|Stade Region]], established in 1823.
== See also ==
* [[Visselhövede station]]
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