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Governing mayor of the town is Guido Job ([[SPD]]).
== History ==
Archeological findings suggest that the first settlers lived here over 1800 years ago when the Romans occupied the [[Rhineland]].
On July 12, 1969, it got the grant privileges of a town.
== Castle ==
The castle in '''Bad Hönningen''' is called ''Schloss Arenfels'' and was built in 1258/59 by "Gerlach von Isenburg".
In 1848, it was changed by its new owner "Ludolf Friedrich von Westerholt" into a neo-gothic castle.
== Partner Town ==
* ''Saint Pierre lès Nemours'' ([[France]]) since 1980.
== Sights ==
* Castles:
"Schloss Arenfels" in Bad Hönningen
* The ''Schlossberg'' of Bad Hönningen is the biggest vineyard in [[Middle Rhine]] (9 hectare).
== Tourism ==
Tourism is the main branch of the economy.
The town also organizes many events such as funfair and several festivals.
== External links ==
== External links ==
* [ Homepage Bad Hönningen]
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