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==International relations==
{{Main|List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany}}
===Twin towns — Sister cities===
Regen is [[town twinning|twinned]] with:
* [[Image:Flag of Germany.svg|25px]] [[Eschwege]], [[Germany]], since 1997
The "Niederbayrisches Landwirtschaftsmuseum" is a museum showing the history of agriculture and society in Lower Bavaria from the 18th and 19th century.
The "Fressendes Haus" is a former domicile of the poets [[Clara Nordström]] (1886-19621886–1962) and [[Siegfried von Vegesack]] (1888-19741888–1974), which was transformed in a museum in 1984 presenting different expositions of historical art and the archeological excavations at the castle ruin of ''Weißenstein''.
== Economy ==