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In 1975, the [[New Libertarian Alliance]] left their campuses and aboveground “white market” jobs and went full-time counter-economic for a decade to prove the strategy's viability.<ref>{{citation|title=The Last, Whole Introduction to Agorism|publisher=Papers of the Libertarian Left|url=http://www.scribd.com/doc/16142171/The-Last-Whole-Introduction-to-Agorism-Papers-of-the-Libertarian-Left-1}}</ref> [[Murray Rothbard]] criticized [[agorism]], stating that it was unrealistic that the black market could compete with the white market in industries such as production of automobiles, steel and concrete.<ref>{{citation|url=http://mises.org/daily/3412|title=Konkin on Libertarian Strategy|date=November 10, 1980|author=Rothbard, Murray}}</ref>
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