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[[Image:Kadena in Okinawa Map.gif|thumb|200px|The location of Kadena in Okinawa.]]
|MapImage=Kadena in Okinawa Map.gif
|Prefecture=[[Okinawa Prefecture|Okinawa]]
|District= [[Nakagami District, Okinawa|Nakagami District]]
|Area_km2= 15.04
|PopDate= 2005
|Population= 13,624
|Density_km2= 915.9
|LatitudeDegrees= 26
|LatitudeMinutes= 21
|LatitudeSeconds= 42
|LongtitudeDegrees= 127
|LongtitudeMinutes= 45
|LongtitudeSeconds= 19
|Flowering tree=
[[Image:Kadena Rotary.jpg|thumb|Downtown]]
[[Image:Route 58, Kadena.jpg|thumb|[[Japan National Route 58]] at Kadena]]
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[[Category:Towns in Okinawa Prefecture]]
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