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As a boy, Ent went to school in [[Wallachia]] and [[Rotterdam]], but attended college in [[England]]. He left for college in April 1624, and received his BA from [[Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge]] in 1627 and his MA four years later.<ref>{{Venn|ENT624G}}</ref> Following his graduation from Sidney, he spent five years at the [[University of Padua]], earning his MD in 1636.
On 25 June 1639, Sir George Ent became a fellow of the [[Royal College of Physicians]] and remained a fellow for the duration of his life. In addition, he served as a censor from 1645 to 1669 (with gaps in service in 1650, 1652, and 1658), a Registrar from 1655 to 1670, and Consiliarius from 1667 to 1669 and 1676 to 1686. He was elected President of the Royal College of Physicians in 1670. Heand held the position for five years,. asHe wellalso asserved on 17 August 1682 and 28 May 1684. Ent was also elected to the [[Royal Society]] as an Original Fellow on 22 April 1663.
On 10 October 1646, Ent married Sarah, the daughter of a former president of the Royal College, [[Dr. Othowell Meverell]].