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On June 12, 1966, the library was moved to an upstairs room at a new community center at 401 Glenn Street. The library remained at the community center until 1996; however, a move to the lower level of the community center in 1982 nearly doubled the size of the library. In June 1996, the Bess Johnson Elkhorn Public Library opened its doors to the public. The new library building at 100 Reading Road was nearly 6 times larger than the lower level room at the community center.
Due to the 2008 annexation of Elkhorn by Omaha, the Bess Johnson Elkhorn Public Library officially became the Bess Johnson Elkhorn Branch of the Omaha Public Library on [[March 1]], [[2008]]
===South Omaha Library===
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The South Omaha Library is a joint venture by the Omaha Public Library and the [[Metropolitan Community College (Omaha)|Metropolitan Community College (MCC)]]. The building at 2808 Q St replaces the OPL's South Branch at 2302 M St as well as MCC's South Campus library. South Omaha Library opened its doors for general business on [[June 19]], [[2008]]
===Former Libraries===