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<!--In 1256 the [[Roman Catholic|Catholic]] church of [[Saint Maximin]] in Düssel (''Dussela'') is mentioned, although the oldest parts of the romanesque [[basilica]] can be dated to the early 12th century. not sure why this was included-->
The boundaries are given in a deed of grant of the [[Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor|Emperor Henry VI]] dated [[16 October]] [[1165]] as the courses of the Rhein, Ruhr and [[Düssel]] (''Tussella'') rivers. The eastern boundary was the old highway of the "Kölnische Straße" (''strata colonensis''), which ran from the bridge over the Ruhr at [[Werden]] via [[Velbert]] and Wülfrath along the Düssel towards [[Cologne]]. The centre of the mediaeval village was a demesne farm or manor (Mollmershof), which as part of the lordship of [[Hardenberg]] was sold to the [[Counts of Berg]]. Possession of this manor, to which an extensive group of scattered farms belonged, particularly in the hundreds of [[Erbach]] and [[Püttbach]], also gave control of the [[advowson]] of the church, that is, the right to appoint the priest.
The surrounding houses remain for the most part in their original state and are protected buildings, although others have been rebuilt. Each of them had (and still has) a name as well as a house number: ''Auf'm Keller'' (1678), ''Hamels'' (1678), ''Melanders'' (1678), ''Op der Ley'' (about 1600 - refurbished 1911), ''Auf'm Haus'' (1678),'' Großer Klaus'' (1686 - rebuilt 1964), ''Kleiner Klaus'' (1678), ''Scholle'' (1678), ''Hinter'm Turm'' (1678), ''Jostenhaus'' (refurbished about 1738), ''Hechtsteinhaus'' (1678), ''Op de Trapp'' (1678) and ''Leonhards'' (rebuilt 1955).
In 2001 a part of the historic Old Town yet again fell victim to the flames. During the night of [[21 January]] [[2001]] a fire broke out which destroyed three of the old [[half-timbered]] houses. They had to be demolished, and have been replaced by modern buildings.
*Since [[24 October]] [[2000]], the town has [http://www.hmk7.de/pages/patenschaft.htm sponsored] the[http://www.hmk7.de Army Music Corps 7] of the [[Bundeswehr]], based in Düsseldorf
==Sites of interest==