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Of particular significance was the arrival of quarrying in Wülfrath, with the establishment of the ''Rheinisch-Westfälische Kalkwerke Dornap'' in 1887, and the ''Rheinische Kalksteinwerke Wülfrath'' in 1903. Wülfrath now has the largest chalk and limestone quarries in Europe. These undertakings have been a decisive influence on the development of the town, and have remained the principal component of Wülfrath's industrial life until now.
There continued to be numerous home-based weaving enterprises, as well as businesses involved in finishing leather and many other small firms. A branch of the [[Ford Motor Company|Ford]] works at [[Cologne]] was founded here, rising out of the coachwork company ''Josef Hebmueller Soehne'', established 1889, and still extant as ''(VisteonTedrive)''.
==Coat of arms==
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