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In [[Unicode]], the [[hexadecimal]] code number is '''0x04'''. It can be referred to as control-D, '''^D''' in the [[caret notation]].{{Fact|date=March 2009}}
==Demonstration in Unix-based Operatingoperating Systemssystems==
The 'End of Transmission' meaning of the control-D character can be shown with the cat program on [[Unix]]-based operating systems such as [[Linux]].
Run the '<code>[[cat' (Unix)|cat]]</code> command with no arguments, so that it accepts its input from your keyboard and prints output to your screen. Type a few characters without pressing Enter, then type control-D to indicate End of Transmission. The characters you have typed to that point are sent to cat, which then writes them to the screen. If you type control-D without typing any characters first, you terminate the input stream and the program ends.
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