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In November 1978, the [[Supreme Court of the United States]] refused to take the case, citing the fact that neither the [[United States Constitution]] or existing state shield laws provide journalists with an absolute privilege to refuse to provide information demanded in a criminal case by a defendant.<ref>Greenhouse, Linda. [http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=FB0A17FA3A5413728DDDA10A94D9415B888BF1D3 "HIGH COURT REFUSES FARBER CASE REVIEW; Action Lets Jersey's Ruling Stand on First Amendment Privilege Supreme Court Refuses to Review Press Freedom Case A Delicate Balance Lack of a Hearing Deplored"], ''[[The New York Times]]'', November 28, 1978. Accessed October 13, 2009.</ref>
In January 1982, [[Governor of New Jersey]] [[Brendan Byrne]] issued a pardon to reporter M. A. Farber and ordered that $101,000 in fines be returned to ''The Times''. The paper's attorney, [[Floyd Abrams]], was planning efforts to file for reurn of the additional $185,000 that had been assessed in civil contempt fines.<ref>Friendly, Johnathan. [http://www.nytimes.com/1982/01/20/nyregion/byrne-returns-101000-fine-to-times.html "BYRNE RETURNS $101,000 FINE TO TIMES"], ''[[The New York Times]]'', January 20, 1982. Accessed October 19, 2009.</ref>