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[[File:Pfettisheim neuss.jpg|thumb|250px|right|The Siege of Neuss]]
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The '''Siege of Neuss''', from 1474&ndash;1475, <ref>[ Die Belagerung Ahrweilers 1474 -Episode aus der Kölner Stiftsfehde]</ref> was part of the [[Burgundian Wars]]. The siege, led by [[Charles the Bold]] against the [[Holy Roman Empire]] city of [[Neuss]], was unsuccessful. Charles had beenwas compelled by the approach of a powerful imperial army to raise the siege.
The failure of the siege of Neuss was attributed by the inhabitants of the city to the intervention of their [[patron saint]], [[Quirinus of Neuss]].<ref>Richard Vaughan, Charles the Bold, London, Boydell, 2002, 312-335. </ref>
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