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Archeological findings suggest that the first settlers lived here over 1800 years ago when the romans occupied the [[Rhineland]].
The [[Limeslimes]] ran between '''Bad Hönningen''' and [[Rheinbrohl]] which is today a tourist attraction.
In 1019 the town was documentary mentioned as "Besitztum Hohingen" for the first time.
During [[Thirty Years' War]] in 1632 '''Bad Hönningen''' burned down except twelve houses.
The first bathouse for medical treatment opened in 1895.
Because of this the town is legitimated to have the titel "Bad" since 1950.
On July 1212th in 1969 it got the grant privileges of a town.
== Castle ==
"Schloss Arenfels" in Bad Hönningen
" Burg Ariendorf" in Ariendorf (buildetbuilded 1840, neo-gothic)
* The "Hohe Haus" which was builded in 1438 by the archbishop ''Raban von Helmstatt''. Today a museum of the town is in there.
* The [[limes]] began near the city limit of Bad Hönningen. Today there is a museum called "Limes Center".
On July 1515th in 2005 the [[UNESCO]] made this area a [[World Heritage Site]].
* The ''Schlossberg'' of Bad Hönningen is the biggest vineyard in [[Middle Rhine]] (9 hectare).
The town also organizes a lot of events such as funfair and several festivals.
== LinksExternal links ==
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* [ Homepage Bad Hönningen]
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